Good bloods

I have become very accustomed to bad news over the last few months, especially arounds Seth’s diagnosis and treatment, so, it is especially nice to get unexpected good news. Today I was awaiting the results from blood tests he had yesterday. I was expecting him to be neutropenic (he was at this stage on his last cycle) and in need of a blood transfusion. I had convinced myself that if he was neutropenic we would be spending all weekend in QA fighting another infection rather than at home with the family having fun.

So, when the phone call came from QA I braced myself, and as the lovely nurse on the other end read out the results I was sure I misheard her. I asked her to repeat them, they still sounded good. “Can I just double check these are yesterdays results?” I asked. She confirmed they were. I put the phone down and let out a massive whoop, Ivan thought I had gone mad. His bloods are good. Neutropenia can do one. We are going to have a good weekend… I am touching lots of wood and hoping I have not spoken too soon!