R Day

So, yesterday was ‘Results’ day. After over 3 weeks of waiting we had a meeting with Seth’s consultants to get the results of his PET scan and find out what next for Seth. I have gone through every emotion possible during the wait and I know Seth has too, so we were both looking forward to having some answers whether positive or not.

So, starting with the good news, Seth is officially in REMISSION! That means there is currently no cancer anywhere in his body. The slightly less good news is that there is not agreement amongst the specialists as to whether he needs more chemo. This is due to the very unusual way that Seth’s Lymphoma presented. So, we are still waiting. Seth’s consultant does not want to take any risks with him (and obviously neither do we), but they also do not want to administer chemo that is not required because of all the side effects now and in the future (to put this into perspective, he is unlikely to be infertile after the number of rounds he has had but his chances significantly increase with more rounds – a big decision to make about a 7 year olds future). So over the next few days they will be talking to a Dr that is heading up a European trial into the treatment for Burkitt’s to get a definitive answer. Best case is that he is finished. The worse case has now been reduced to a further two rounds of chemo.

Seth was initially upset that he wasn’t going to get the answer he wanted, but as ever he bounced back within minutes – he really does amaze me. He is pleased that it will only be two more rounds and he grilled his consultant on the drugs and also the stay in hospital and was very pleased it would only be four days for each round! So, we can all see an end now, but as of yet we don’t know if it will be May or July.

Keeping everything crossed again.