The Great Old Mutual Bake Off

Today Seth was invited to judge at Charity Bake Off at Old Mutual in Southampton. A team of my lovely ex colleagues had set out to raise money for Piam Brown by organizing a Bake Off that spanned over a number of weeks, and today was the grand final. Seth had decided the theme for the final should be Lego and was very much looking forward to what everyone had come up with. He was not disappointed, all the entries were very creative, there was even one styled on the double decker sofa from the Lego Movie! Seth had to taste them all and rate them on look, taste and texture. His appetite is still not huge so after cake number five I had take over on the judging, but I think I did an ok job. Tess, unsurprisingly, managed to taste all of the cakes! Most importantly it was a hugely successful fund raiser, at the last count they have raised over £2500 for a very good cause.