The new normal

It guess it is an obvious statement, but when one member of your family is diagnosed with Cancer it is like the whole family has been diagnosed with Cancer. The challenges are different for each family member but they are very real. Living with cancer becomes the new normal for everyone and you forget what normal actually looks like. You don’t even realise it is happening. Then something really simple happens and it brings home to you how ‘not normal’ life has become. This morning it was Tess. She was playing Doctors and she simply walked up to Seth with a plastic syringe and said to him ‘time to take your bloods Seth, we have to see if you are well enough to go out’. In those few seconds it made me think about what Tess has had to deal with over the last four months. Weeks and weeks with me barely at home, weekends spent in the hospital, endless hospital appointments to attend and blood tests to witness. For her this is normal, I hope for her sake (and for the other three) we can get some real normality back soon.