Winning the battle

So today is the day I feel I can finally say we have won the battle. Seth is in remission and it has been confirmed that he does not need any further chemo. I am excited to hear this news, Seth is excited, the rest of the family are excited. I will raise a glass of bubbles to my son tonight (once I get back from taking the girls swimming – bloody swimming!). He has made me so proud throughout this whole process. He is a very different boy to the one that was diagnosed, but he has shown himself to be resilient, courageous and above all one of the happiest people I know – nobody is ever going to keep him down for long!

But, I have to remember, it is only the battle that we have won. The war will go on. It won’t be until 5 years has passed that Seth is considered a survivor of Burkitt’s Lymphoma. The chance of relapse is highest in the first two years and for this reason we will have three monthly scans and check ups for 24 months. Relapse is a very awful prospect, the treatment is harsher, longer and the survival rates much more scary to consider. After 2 years he will be checked every 6 months and then after 5 years it will go to a yearly check which will continue until he is an adult.  Maybe when he turns 18 I will consider the war won? I’ll let you know.

So, because there might be another battle for us, and because there will most certainly be battles for other families, some that might not be won, I want to make sure we keep on fundraising and raising awareness for all the charities that are doing so much amazing work for our children. Watch this space…